A Basic Checklist for Your Wedding Plans

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It’s true that one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life is during her wedding. Some brides choose to hire wedding planners to help them plan their wedding, which simplifies things a bit. But for some reason, it still seems as though a lot of burden is put on the bride to get things done “her way”.

One way to ensure a much less stressed ceremony of the new Mrs. You is to create a checklist to keep your wedding plans in order. A checklist is an important tool that includes all the tasks to be completed to pull off the wedding of the century.

Most wedding plans involve a basic template covering an 18 month time-frame and a traditional style wedding. But, because not everyone’s plans fit into the same perfect little criteria, it may be worth the time to design your own.

Click here to get a basic checklist to use and edit as you wish. You may need to adjust the time frame or add a few unique touches that’ll take your ceremony “over the top” in comparison to others.

Once you’ve finished your checklist. Be sure to keep a printed copy handy in your purse as well as on your computer. It may even be helpful to pass along some copies to important members of your wedding party who’ll be helping you with your wedding plans.