Is It Time for Your Married Name Change? Oh My!

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One question that pops up in over 80% of bride’s head is whether or not you’re ready to go forward with your new married name change. Now, you’re probably wondering… “Do I really want to give up my identity?” Well here are a few things to consider before making your decision.


If you two love bunnies have talked about having children, you’ll find it much easier when going on trips or dealing with the school because you’ll be recognized as being in the same family.

If you’ve always hated your last name... Let’s say, your maiden last name starts with a z, then a married name change is an easy way out, especially if his last name begins with a to m. Having the same last name as your husband will make you feel more like a “real” family.

When monogramming or personalizing your china or home decorations, there will be no guess work when coming up with the right initial.

Since there were so many brides before you who chose to have a married name change, others will naturally call you Mrs. Smith and correcting everyone can become tiring after a while.

Other Alternatives

Try a hyphenated last name. This will leave you to decide who’s name goes first.

Many women also use their maiden name as their middle name, while holding on to their identity. You can combine both names to make a cool hybrid married name change like Johnson for the original last names of John and Wilson.

Accepting a married name change is a personal decision. Make sure you give it much thought before moving forward though. You may be stuck with this new name for the rest of your life.

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