Trendy 2010 Bride Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Like a Celebrity Starlett

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Have you ever heard the term, the woman doesn’t make her hair, the hair makes the woman? Or however the saying goes. Anyway, the glory of every woman is her hair, especially on her wedding day. To help you stay on top of the fashions, and trends for 2010, I’m going to go over the bride hairstyles that top the charts, will make you look like a celebrity starlett, wow your groom and help you feel more confident than ever.

1. Curly wedding hairstyles are the thing of the times. Whether your hair is long, medium length, or just above your shoulders, you can have curls that fit perfectly with your hair’s length. For longer curls, the bigger and more curl, the better. Headbands, feather clips and other accessories add the finishing touches that accentuate but not “overdo” the right style for you. Curly ponytails are also stunning.

2. Up-do’s for longer hair such as bouffant never go out of style. Their classic, yet simple look make them an eye opener for anyone looking at you sashay down the aisle. With a bouffant, you can even keep your bangs at the same time.

3. A semi up-do is another option for longer hair. The semi bouffant leaves a few pieces of hair flowing freely to add a dramatic look. Free chair can be either curled or straight, it’s your choice.

4. Simple and elegant hairstyle such as the ponytail adds a gorgeous flair to all bride hairstyles.

5. Side ponytails is a more dramatic and stylish way of creating a clean and simple ponytail. Adding flowers and other accessories only make it that much more fabulous. This hairstyle is just right for medium to long hair lengths.

6. Who says short hair can’t look sexy on your wedding day? Short hair is still ravishing, the key to making this style stand out and increase elegance is to add just the right kind of hair accents and accessories.

Choosing the perfect bride hairstyles for your wedding day may be a bit stressful, but it shouldn’t. Take these pictures to your hairstylist and see what she recommends to attain the gorgeous look you desire