Bridal Shower Game Ideas That’ll Make Your Day

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Here are a few fun, simple and unique bridal shower game ideas to give to your maid of honor.

Bridal Shower

Ice Breaker

These bridal shower game ideas should be done before the real fun begins. After everyone arrives, ask each lady to say their name and for 30 seconds let everyone know how they met the bride or groom.

Toilet Paper Bridal Shower Games

Break-up the attendees into even groups. Give each group a few rolls of toilet paper. Now, ask them to choose a bride out of their group and make a bridal gown out of toilet paper. The bride chooses the best looking gown.

Bridal Makeover

In this game, each of the guests get to dress up the bride in their favorite bridal gear. This game takes place throughout the party. The bride is given one word she is not allowed to say. Each time she utters the word , a new piece of clothing is added. Whatever anyone does, be sure not to tell the bride what the word is. Types of bridal gear that can be added is fake tiaras, a huge wedding ring, and satin gloves.

The Groom Question

This is a funny game and one that most brides expect as one of their bridal shower game ideas. The bride will be asked questions about her new husband. She gets rewarded when she gets the answer right and penalized when she’s not right.

Pole Dancing 101

Invite a pole dancer to the shower and ask her to give the bride a short pole dancing lesson in front of her guest. This game is a riot and fun for everyone who attends.