The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Your Special Day

The Fastest Way to Looking Great On Your Wedding Day"

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Flawless Bridal MakeupYou understand how important it is for your makeup to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day. It doesn’t matter if your wedding will be on a white sandy beach or at night, under the stars, keeping your bridal makeup simple will help you to look and feel like the queen you are. The key on this day is to make sure not to put on too much makeup, nor too little. Yet, work toward a natural look that completely enhances your most fabulous features. One thing you’ll want to remember is that this is not the time to experiment with new styles. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect bridal makeup look in time for your ceremony.

1. Get a facial done two weeks prior to your wedding. The reason for the long wait time is because some facials can leave your skin looking reddish and irritated, so you want to make time for your skin to heal, and especially if you get one of those chemical peels.

2. For acne prone skin, be sure to see your dermatologist 3 to 4 months before your ceremony date.

3. Drinking lots of pure water is the best way possible to maintain a clear complexion. Water also helps to flush out impurities from your skin. So, make sure you keep a few bottles of water with you every day.

4. Choose a lip color that will last, even after you kiss your new hubby. You may even want to put a fresh coat right before you step down the aisle. Filling in the line of your mouth with a neutral pencil is a cool trick to help your lipstick stay on longer.

5. If you choose to do your makeup yourself to save a little cash, be sure to get all the beauty tips you can from various beauty consultants and leave months in advance to practice until you’ve got your bridal makeup look down… perfect.

6. If you tend to get a little weepy during wedding, it’s a strong possibility you’ll start to cry during your wedding as well. So, picking waterproof mascara is ideal for teary eyes.

7. Don’t forget to carry a small purse to carry your powder, mascara, and lipstick for moments of need.

8. A few shadow tips include refraining from using white or black shadows, use gray shades for olive complexions and don’t use vibrant colors on pale complexions.

9. To make your eyes look wider or brighter, use a white pencil to line the inside of the lower lids. Also, apply dark but neutral contouring to the crease of the eye, while lining the upper and lower lids with a brown or gray shadow, being sure to smudge the outer corners.

10. Remember, shine is the # 1 enemy for photos so keep away from anything too glittery or shiny. Makeup looks best if it has a matte finish in neutral tones, but soft pastels look soft and pretty as well.

Of course, to eliminate any stress you may have regarding your bridal makeup, you can always solicit the help of an experienced, wedding makeup artist. That will make sure your makeup looks perfect. The last tip I can give you is that if you choose to let a makeup artist do your makeup, be sure to try them out before the day of your wedding.