Bridal Flower Arrangements for a Cinderella Wedding

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Your marriage is a day you’ll treasure forever. It’s not only a special occasion, but it’s always a day that’s surrounded with things that illustrate the beauty around you. Creating an ambiance of richness, within Cinderella setting is what bridal flower arrangements are made for.

While bridal flower arrangements should match the theme of your ceremony, the meaning of the flowers should also be chosen accordingly. Here are a list of meanings of different flowers for you to choose.

Bridal Bouquette

- Roses mean love

- Lily symbolizes purity

- Tulips symbolize happiness

- Lime is synonymous of distinction

- White daisies are synonymous of innocence

- Sunflower is brightness

- Gardenia is youth

- Jasmine means naïve

- Violet means faithfulness

The idea behind choosing just the right bridal flower arrangements to fit your wedding ceremony is to review them all, thinking and seeing what fits you well. For instance, if you feel you and your husband are happy together, choose tulips. On the contrary, if both exude a genuine personality, choose lilies.

Lastly, remember that some flowers are seasonal, so be sure to have a second option if the first one doesn’t work out.

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